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1. First Name: Roger. I answer to Roget and Tripper.

2. Age: 44

3. Location: Tucker, GA (Temporarily Columbus, OH)

4. Occupation: Data Storage Consultant, specializing in EMC equipment and software. Due to the crappy job market in Atlanta, I'm working a contract in Columbus for EMC at one of their clients.

5. Partner: Barbara (or Serena). The love of my life.

6. Kids: Elliott or E-Man.

7. Brothers/Sisters: Stephen, younger by 4 and a half years. He lives in Southhaven, MS (Memphis) with his wife Amy, daughter Fallon, and stepson McCoy.

8. Parents: Mom Fran lives in Heflin, LA with her Lake Bisteneau as her backyard. Dad passed away in 2005. They had been divorced since I was 9.

9. Pets: Currently, just a cockatiel named Dagney that Barbara has had for over 13 years and a collection of electronic fish on Facebook with names like "Petey", "ashdhflkela", "Firefox", "Wanda", "Wanda", "Wanda", "Wanda", "Wanda", "Wanda", "Wanda", "Wanda", "Wanda", "Wanda", "Wanda", "Wanda", "Wanda", "Wanda", "Wanda", "Wanda", "Wanda", "Wanda", "Wanda", "Wanda", and "Wanda".

10. List the 3-5 biggest things going on in your life:

Trying to get a job in Atlanta so I can come back home.
Paying off our debt.
Missing my family.
Missing my friends.