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thetripper ([personal profile] thetripper) wrote2009-12-06 11:26 pm

Yoga and mirapoix

Earlier this week, I snagged a business card for a yoga studio at the security desk up here at Nationwide. He had a special running for the first month; $24 for unlimited visits. Since I'm only up here for another 30 days or so, why not? My first visit was on Thursday and I've been back Saturday and again today, so I can say the guy's good. My age is showing though (or is that my complete lack of exercise and just flying a desk?), but I'm working my way through it and feeling pretty damn good. I plan to go as many times as possible (I checked, he's cool with it), so I can get a good routine going and when I get back home (and fully employed) I can keep doing it.

And I've been playing this game on Facebook that Barb showed me (insisted I play) called "Cafe World" and I've been getting hungry just watching the descriptions of the chef making dishes. So today I made a beef stew with mirapoix, using 2 parts onion to 1 part each celery and carrots. While I was reducing it down (just the veggies and olive oil), I cut up some potatoes and browned 1.5 lbs of stew beef in an electric skillet. Added a tablespoon of minced garlic into the mirapoix, mixed it up, then threw everything into a crockpot with two bay leaves, a sprig of fresh rosemary, three tablespoons of salt (measured in the palm of my hand, like the way my grandma taught me), some pepper, oregano, and a few dashes of Worcestershire sauce and let the thing cook while I went to yoga.

Hoo boy, let me tell you there is *nothing* like coming back to the smell of beef stew with mirapoix in it. And this is damn near a perfect stew too. Had a big bowl for dinner and packed up 4 more for lunch this week. Yummeh.

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Yoga is awesome...I love doing it because I really zone out for it and don't worry about anything else (because I'm consumed with the thought of "how the hell I am supposed to do that?!?!")

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Envy, I miss my yoga instructor and have been without for about 6 weeks. And on top of that you have beef stew. My children have not developed taste buds for mixed foods (stews, casseroles, etc.) and I do love a good stew. Comfort food and all your food groups rolled into one.

I am happy to hear you are keeping yourself busy with positive endeavors. Are you coming home for the holidays?