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thetripper ([personal profile] thetripper) wrote2009-11-01 01:10 pm


I'd like to get my order in for next year ahead of the Christmas rush, so here is what I want. After the first few, it's in no particular order.

1. Full time job. Preferably with EMC, an EMC Partner, or storage related. Barb and I understand that travel will most likely be involved, but at the least I would be able to come home for the weekends.

2. Come home.

3. Spend time with Barbara and Elliott. 1 & 2 have to happen first.

4. See my family and friends. Right now, my soul is hurting because I can't be with my family or my friends.

And in no particular order:

Be creative and do some shooting. I've been watching Flickr and other sites, so I can see what everybody else is doing. I want to go to Dr Sketchy's one evening, go on an UrbanEx, go to a Con where I don't have a schedule to adhere to and set up my backdrop to take pictures.

Work in my yard.

Organize my crap.

Do "stuff".

Simply be *me* again.