May. 8th, 2009

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It's Star Trek, plain and simple.  The "time travel" pivot isn't really time travel, as JJ (and and an unlikely character in the film) points out, it's quite literally an alternate reality caused by the antagonist.  Everything else works and works quite well, especially the new actors and their takes on the characters. 

No one is parodying the original actors (except maybe Checkov, but he always was a parody of a Russian) and Karl Urban's take on McCoy is eerily like watching DeForest Kelly, but it's Leonardo DiCaprio playing Howard Hughs or Jim Carrey playing Andy Kaufman; they are honoring a legend, not making fun of him.

And it is gut wrenchingly sad in places too.  George Kirk talking to his wife Winona had me nearly crying (it's the "once you have a child, you will understand thing"), knowing what's about to happen.  There's another one too, but I won't spoil it.

And "Bad Things Happen" too that do not change; they are part of history now.  There is a brief moment when I thought they would fix them by "cheating", but they didn't cheat the audience to pander to the hardcore section of fandom.

And there will be a section of fandom who will hate it ( the mainstream media is working to fuel that and reinforce the fan stereotype.  But, if you can accept the BSG reboot and come to love it, you will enjoy Star Trek too.  I watched it when it first came on (I was 3 or 4 but I loved the pretty colors and the spaceships), so I can say I am a fan, a true Star Trek fan at that.  I finally got what I've always wanted.

I get to see the full five year mission.


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