Apr. 21st, 2009

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Everything is almost complete; I have the job offer in hand, the apartment is rented, cable/internet is scheduled, and I finally got the power company on the line today.
Numerous revisions on what to take.  The purchase of a bed at Ikea is on hold, I'm taking essentially the big SCA bed (two big cots, air mattress, & stuff), we're raiding the dish cabinet for things that can go instead of buying a new set, putting some spices into small containers, etc.  And Dagny is in her new cage.
The plan is I leave Saturday morning and try to do most, if not all of the trip in one day so I can be there Sunday morning at 10am to sign the lease.  There are a ton of hotels nearby, so there shouldn't be a problem.

I'm more stressed about the actual move than the job.  Even though I haven't worked with EMC stuff in 2 years, it all feels like slipping into a comfy shirt again.  NAS code 5.5 had just come out when I got the BlueArc job and McGraw-Hill is working on moving to 5.6, so the learning curve will be on totally new stuff.  Plus this time I'm not responsible for actually DOING the code upgrade (hee hee hee); that's EMC's jorb.

And quite honestly, I felt like I was ready to give up if this hadn't happened.  I kept hearing two things; "You don't have enough experience being an admin with OS X, Y, Z" or "You're over qualified, so we won't hire you because you'll leave as soon as a better offer comes along."  What few companies that replied to my applications (HP did and usually with good feedback), it was all over not enough admin experience.  I highly suspect that a lot of the rest were in the over qualified department or were out of state and once they saw my address, my resume was tossed. 

Six months is long enough to destroy your self image and batter it into your head that "It's my fault I can't find a job" and "I'm just not good enough."  I reached out to a lot of friends for leads and such; please keep me in mind if you see something pop up (I *am* coming home).



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