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I'm not asleep. Possibly it has something to do with the headache I had and the amount of caffeine I dumped onto it to get it to die. When I get a headache the only cure is usually Tylenol and something caffeinated with a very high octane level. A big cup of Chick fil a's sweet tea will usually do it in a snap, but there wasn't one nearby so it had to be a chai tea latte at Starbucks after dinner.

I started out going to this place Barbara suggested in Princeton called "Hoagie Haven", which got a good writeup in one of her food blogs. I easily found it off Nassau Street, but had to go about five blocks further to get a parking place. A nice brisk walk on a beautiful night brought me back to the restaurant to find that it not only had a line out the door, there also was no place to sit and eat. It was one of those true college town eateries where there's no reason to waste valuable space on students that will hog a table for the cost of a coke. But there was a Chinese place a little further down the street called Tiger Noodle that looked promising and was.

Ordering the WonTon soup is always a good way to see if they know their stuff. Watery and you know they skimp on the chicken stock (if it ever clucked at all) and chances are your food will be decidedly "ehh". This was not the case. The soup was a hearty, if clear chicken broth that actually had a deep golden brown color to it and if a liquid could be GBD*, this was it. The wontons were thin pieces of dough wrapped around a decent sized piece of filling. Tasty. And the Orange Beef wasn't little strips of fried beef product, these looked like they should have been on a plate from Cracker Barrel covered in white gravy. Mmm Mmm f'ing good.

A little note here; always check the front of the establishment for a sign that says they take plastic. WTF? A restaurant, packed on a Saturday night with people that were decidedly NOT students doesn't take plastic? Fortunately, there was an ATM directly across the street and I was able to pay for my meal. I had been jonesing for some good Chinese food that wasn't covered with MSG or one step up from food court grade.

But the headache kept on hammering, so my trip to Starbucks to drop a tactical nuke on it. Seems to have done the trick, but I'm still up. Headache or insomnia? I'll take insomnia every time.

*Golden Brown and Delicious


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